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About Lakarta

Lakarta is a consultancy company which specializes in payments and payment cards. With our extensive knowledge of banks and payments processes, retailers, service providers and consumers, we facilitate the implementation of loyalty and payment card issuing projects. We have accumulated vast experience while working with the largest banks in the Baltic States, their partners, point of sales terminal providers, retailers and international payments processing companies VISA and Mastercard. We have assembled a team of highly qualified specialists which has implemented payment card projects not only is Lithuania, but in Latvia, Estonia.


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Why is it worth to choose Lakarta?


Save time avoid worries

In entrusting your project to Lakarta you won’t need to worry about the projects everyday management – all this will be done by experienced professionals – Lakarta’s project managers who will manage the whole project from A to Z. You will then be able to dedicate your time to other important tasks which require your urgent attention.


Get experts which you need

While implementing payment card issuing or service projects it is essential to have a team with the necessary skills. To obtain this only with internal company resources can be very hard and sometimes even impossible. In handing over the project management to us, you will receive a team with the best specialists from the required areas.


Experienced project managers

We have gained tremendous experience while implementing payment cards issuing and service projects. We manage local and international projects which involve numerous partners. We know how to manage projects that need to be done on time, within a set budget and ensure that all products are of appropriate quality.


The best solution

We are not dependent on any software or hardware developer. We choose the solutions which suits every client’s needs best.


Involvement according to your needs

Depending on your individual needs we can manage the whole project or participate in only one of the stages: project initiation, planning, execution, ending. If you have already formed a project team we can facilitate the making of the right decisions by providing consultations.



banks, payment institutions

retailers and service providers

payments solutions providers

Payment cards project management

Each payment card project requires a lot of concentration and resources: a project team needs to be brought together which has the appropriate skills, time to manage the project, work together and search for solutions with partners as well as solve technical issues.

Therefore, with an deep understanding of all of this we are able to offer you our services. Our experts have obtained extensive project management experience and will take all the worries from you and will manage your projects finish dates and quality.

Card issuing

If your bank or payment institutions are creating new credit, debit or online payments card, we can facilitate the process by taking control of your project or by taking care of some part of it, for instance, coordinating the part of the project which involves the gathering of card issuing partners to find a unifying solution.

For large international banks we have facilitated the issuing of debit and credit cards, some of which required coordination between five card partners-retailers, and implementing a project in which 17 different companies took part.

Card service

We consult banks and payments institutions on the implementation of new payment cards servicing solutions and we also implement new types of ATMs. The same as in payment card issuing, we can manage the whole project or some part of it.

Cards, POS terminals and ATM certification

In order to issue new payments card, implement payment cards servicing solution for business clients or implementing a new type of ATM, it is necessary that they are certified. We will facilitate the certification of:

  • Newly issued Visa or Mastercard cards

  • Stand alone, mobile or integrated POS terminals

  • ATMs

Mobile payments

Our teams have knowledge of payments processes, bank practices and modern payment solutions. We can assist to implement mobile payments solutions and manage mobile payments solutions implementation projects.


We have obtained more than 15 years’ experience in payments cards, payment card systems, banking business and banking processes areas. We can assist you in making the right decisions via our professional consultations and lead you through the process of implementing payment card projects in your institutions.


Biggest clients and partners



In implementing projects for the biggest international banks, retailers, ATM, POS terminals providers, we constantly communicate with experienced project managers, business systems analysts and electronic payment specialists. If you have long term experience with payment cards, electronic payments, banking and project management areas and you are interested in job at Lakarta, contact us outlining your ability to contribute your expertise to our projects’ implementation.


Contact us

Are you considering issuing a new payment card? Would you like to increase your payment cards acceptance abilities? Would you like to certificate, payment cards, ATMs, POS terminals? For these and other questions contact us with this form.

Phone: +370 682 50773

Company code: 302530648

VAT code: LT100005988516

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